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The Plume features contained in the HomePass app are available to everyone on our router plan! Have you downloaded the app yet?


Slow Internet got you down?

Turn that frown upside down with the fastest and most reliable Fiber-to-the-Home Internet!

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Fast and reliable so you won't miss a thing.

Tablets, laptops, smartphones, smart televisions, IPads – when you have a variety of devices sharing bandwidth, you need to have an Internet connection that’s both fast and reliable, and that’s what we can offer you with our fiber-to-the-home network.

Email Scams!

Email scam attacks are increasing dramatically across all platforms. Currently we have observed an effort to attack all email accounts. These messages always include a request for action, to click a link. Plains will NEVER ask you to click an action in an email. If you receive a message that appears to come from your email service provider, please delete it. 


If you have clicked on a link in one of these messages, we advise you to run a virus scan on your device and to update your email password. You can call your local tech support number any time, day or night if you have any questions about these steps. 970-357-3200, 970-358-3200, 970-359-3200 or 970-664-3200.

Connecting People for 70 Years

We’re celebrating the 70th anniversary of connecting our communities to each other and to the world!

We’ve been speaking to some of our longest members about their memories from the 1950s.

Enjoy this first installment of memories from Plains Telephone’s beginning!

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