Plains Telephone in Joes: 970.358.4211 PCS in Wray: 970.592.2211

Cooperative Services

Plains Cooperative Telephone offers services to the Colorado towns of Anton, Cope, Eckley, Idalia, Joes, Kirk, and Seibert

Cooperative Service Area

Plains Cooperative Service Area

  • Idalia
  • Kirk
  • Joes
  • Cope
  • Eckley
  • Anton & Lindon
  • Seibert & Vona

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It’s easy to receive telephone service through Plains Cooperative Telephone Association. Stop by our Plains Telephone office located at 6488 U.S. Hwy 36, Joes, Colorado or call us at 970.358.4211.

Agreements and Policies

Voice Mail - $4.50/month

Simple * Convenient * Reliable

Voice Mail will answer your landline phone if you can’t be home or if your line is busy.

  • Plains Telephone will activate your Voice Mail and set up the service to answer on the fourth ring.
  • Plains Telephone will assign a default password of four zeros (0000) followed by the # sign. Once Voice Mail has been activated, you may want to change your password.

To Change Options

  • Change Password: Dial 358-4400 from your home phone. Wait and listen for prompts.
  • Change Personal Greeting: Dial 358-4400 from your home phone. Wait and listen for prompts.
  • Change the Number of Rings: Contact Plains Telephone (970) 358-4211.
  • Retrieve Messages from Home Phone: Pick up receiver for dial tone. If you hear a stutter dial tone followed by a regular dial tone, you have messages. Dial 358-4400. Press # key followed by your password and the # key. Wait and listen for prompts.
  • Retrieve Messages from Remote Phone: Dial 358-4400 if you are calling within the Plains Telephone local call area. If long distance, dial 1 (970) 358-4400 and enter your 10 digit telephone number and your password, followed by the # key. Wait and listen for prompts.

While listening to Messages:

  • Press 1 – Play or re-play message
  • Press 2 – Save message and go to next
  • Press 3 – Delete message and go to next. To retrieve deleted message; don’t hang up. Follow the voice prompts to listen to message.
  • Press 4 – Save message as new
  • Press 5 – Reply to message (1)
  • Press 6 – Forward message (1)
  • Press 7 – Skip back three seconds
  • Press 8 – Pause or continue message
  • Press * Return to Main Menu. (1) Optional Feature
Call Waiting - $1.50/month

Call Waiting User Guide

Call Waiting allows you to take a second call without disconnecting your first. While on the phone, you will hear a tone when another call comes in. You can choose to put the first caller on hold and answer the second call. You can also temporarily deactivate Call Waiting before making a call to eliminate disruptions during important calls. Each conversation is private and cannot be heard by the other party.

How to Use Call Waiting

  1. While on a call, a special tone alerts you that another call is coming in to your phone.
  2. Briefly press the receiver button or flash button and release it. This puts the first call on hold and connects you to the second call.
  3. To return to the first call, briefly press the receiver or flash button again and release it. You will connect with the first caller. You can switch between calls as often as you like by repeating these steps.
  4. To end the first call and answer the second, simply hang up. Your phone will ring and the second caller will be on the line.

Temporarily deactivate Call Waiting before making a call

  1. Pick the phone up, and at the dial tone press *70.
  2. Listen for a dial tone. Dial the number you wish to call.
  3. When you hang up, Call Waiting is automatically reactivated
Cancel Call Waiting - $0.50/month

Allows you to turn off Call Waiting before making an important call.

Caller I.D. (Name & Number) - $4.25/month

See who is calling before you answer the phone. Name and Number will be stored on a Caller ID unit even if callers don’t leave a message.

Caller I.D./CW Identity $1.00/month

See who the second caller is on your Caller I.D. unit before answering the call.

Automatic Callback (*66) $2.00/month

Enables you to automatically reach busy numbers. You may also use to redial the last number dialed from your phone.

Automatic Recall (*69) $2.00/month

Returns calls to the last number that called you, whether or not you answered the phone.

Call Forwarding (*72) $1.50/month

Call Forwarding

You can forward your incoming calls to another number. Call forwarding is great for the business person who wants to catch after-hours calls at home, or for anyone on the go who does not want to miss an important call.

To Forward Calls:

  • Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone
  • Dial *72
  • Again, listen for the dial tone
  • Dial the number where you want your call forwarded, followed by the # sign. Speed calling codes may be used if you also have this feature.
  • If someone answers at the number, Call Forwarding has been activated.
  • If the call is not answered, hang up, and within two minutes repeat the process. Call Forwarding will be activated and you will hear the confirmation beeps.

Once you have activated Call Forwarding, the phone will ring one short time each time a call is forwarded. You can still make out-going calls from this phone without interfering with incoming calls.

To Deactivate:

If you want to deactivate your Call Forwarding, or change the number your calls are being transferred to, just push *73 and wait for the confirmation beeps. It is now deactivated. You may now repeat the Call Forwarding procedure to change the number.

Remote Call Forwarding $0.50/month

Remote Call Forwarding

Remote Call Forwarding subscribers can turn the Call Forward feature “on or off” from any touchtone telephone, wherever you are. *You must subscribe to the Remote Call Forwarding feature for it to work.

To use remote call forwarding:

*Lift the Receiver and listen for Dial Tone
*Dial the Access Directory Number and wait for Dial Tone again

  • JOES 358-0020
  • COPE 357-0020
  • IDALIA 354-0020
  • ECKLEY 359-0020
  • KIRK 362-0020
  • ANTON 383-0020
  • SEIBERT 664-0020

Dial your own telephone number and your Personal Identification Number (five digits) and wait for special dial tone. Your PIN number is assigned by Plains Telephone.

Follow the instructions for the Call Forwarding feature you wish to activate or deactivate.

Call Forwarding, Busy $1.00/month
Speed Dialing (8 digit) $1.50/month

Speed Dial

You can call emergency, frequently dialed, or long distance numbers just by dialing one or two number. You have the choice of selecting either a short list of eight (8) numbers or a longer list of thirty (30) numbers.

To Enter Or Change Your Speed Dialing List:

  • Lift the receiver and listen for dial tone
  • If you have an (8) number Speed Dial, dial *74 on a touchtone phone
  • If you have a (30) number Speed Dial, dial *75 on a touch tone phone
  • Dial one of the Speed Dial codes
    1. (8) number – dial any number from 2-9
    2. (30) number – dial any number 20-49
  • Then immediately dial the number you wish to enter under the selected Speed Dial number. Long distance entries require (1) and the area code.
  • Press the # button
  • Listen for the confirmation beeps which indicate your number has been entered
Speed Dialing (30 digit) $3.50/month

Make calling fast and easy by storing up to 30 frequently called numbers

Three-Way Calling $1.50/month

Add a third party to a local or long distance conversation.

Help Line $1.50/month

Automatically dials a programmed telephone number within 30 seconds when receiver is lifted.

Distinctive Ring $3.00/month

Gives the subscriber a second telephone number which will ring differently on your phone.

Additional Directory Listings $2.50/month
Unlisted Number $1.50/month

Not in the directory but is available through directory assistance.

Unpublished Number $2.00/month

Not in the directory or directory assistance.

Off-Premise Extension $2.50/month

if under 1/4 mile.

Prerecorded Message $10.50/month

Great option if you are moving and want to inform callers of your new phone number.

Local Directory Assistance

(303, 720 & 970 Area Codes) Dial 1+411

Long Distance Directory Assistance

Dial 1+ Area Code+555-1212

Cooperative Skitter TV Service

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Channel Guide

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